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Nima Yaqoubi is the managing director of Bidar Investment Company, the chairman of the board of directors of Nima Tejarat and Aria Sazeh Hekha Company, and a trader, lecturer and consultant of international trade and coach and economic and investment consultant and active in the construction industry.

Nima Yaqoubi was born on November 8th, 1375, and unlike the others who complete their academic course in twelve years, she completed her academic course in nine years in leaps and bounds and at the age of seventeen with a rank of 1760 He entered the field of laboratory sciences and became a member of the National Elite Foundation

But after a year, he realized that he was not interested in this field and he withdrew from the university and like many other young people who are interested in wealth, fame and rapid growth, he entered the real estate market and after two years of continuous efforts and activities in the real estate field. Due to the experience and the effective connections he had established with the big builders, he started his first construction project at the same time as he started the second project to get the consent of the owner of the neighboring property, he met a person and some events happened that he decided to enter the field of business and He quickly started his work by establishing a commercial and trading company and in less than six months he was able to achieve good success in business and while waiting for two years the time had come for his migration, he made a big decision.

He decided to stay in Iran and expand his businesses in the areas where he was active

And after two years and getting his economics degree from the University of Tehran, he decided to specialize in business management and international marketing and expand his business, and while he had finished his fourth construction project, he completed the fifth project. He started himself

Along with the two successful businesses he had, namely international trade and construction industry, Nima Yaqoubi decided to start his third business in 1401 with the subject of small and large investment under the title of Bidar Commercial and Economic and Investment Company.

In addition to his successful businesses, Nima Yaqoubi is currently working as an international trade consultant and lecturer, as well as an economic and investment consultant.

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